Disk Doctors File Shredder 1.0.0: File Shredder / Eraser offers 9 sanitisation standards for file wiping

Disk Doctors File Shredder 1.0.0

shredding zone and select the shredding patterns and the software would start destructing the data beyond recovery. Shredding patterns offered by Disk Doctors File Shredder exceeds the standards of DOD US and offers 9 Shredding standards. Features Include: Power shredder eliminates files, folders, and deleted data. Context menu integration helps to add files/folders to shredding zone. The option also offers “single click” shredding of files and

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EgisTec Shredder Permanently erase the unwanted confidential files. Data shredding in a faster wa

EgisTec Shredder

shredding your important files. Using the same shredding algorithm as the Department of Defense, your confidential files are permanently erased in a fast and secured manner. The right click context menu allows you shred files quickly and conveniently, thus making EgisTec Shredder the perfect tool for securing your PC privacy. - Department of Defense (DoD) shredding algorithm: Using the secured national standard technology set by the DoD, data retrieval

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WinShredder 2.01: WinShredder 2 - erase your internet history, permantently and easily delet files

WinShredder 2.01

Shredding Most competitor products limit the user to only 1, or to a fixed number of data wipes when shredding. WinShredder permits an UNLIMITED number of data wipes. Want to shred that file 10000 times? No problem! * Unlimited `Do Not Shred` Folder Locations A serious flaw in most competitor products is the inability to protect important folders from accidental shredding. This disastrous problem is solved with WinShredder. WinShredder permits an

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Jack the Shredder 1.0: Jack the Shredder - A File Destroyer As Legendary As Its Name!

Jack the Shredder 1.0

shredding algorithms, many based on official government shredding standards, with up to 100 passes selectable for each. Set up Preset folders to be shredded and file types to be excluded. Drag and Drop files and folders onto `Jack` to shred them. Or right-click on any file or folder on your computer and choose `Shred` from the pop-up menu. Recycle Bin File Eradicator. Complete Drive Cleaner function (aka free-space shredding). Special Safety Mode

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Data Shredder Tool 11.04.01: Remove files permanently from hard drive by making use of data shredder.

Data Shredder Tool 11.04.01

shredding of files. When you make use of this data shredding program to shred a file, the file is over-written with random bytes before it gets deleted. This tool removes all deleted confidential record information from your hard drive and safeguards the computer privacy. It helps you keep all the sensitive information beyond any access to the destructive minded people. The tool facilitates you to securely remove all trace data of your personal files

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Max File Shredder 2.9: Max File Shredder is tool to erase the data permanently making it irrecoverable

Max File Shredder 2.9

Max File Shredder is privacy protection software that protects your privacy by completely shredding the files you specify, beyond recovery. It destroys files and folders, frees hard drive space and shreds your recycle bin contents instead of only deleting them. We use 7 pass destruction scheme as per DOD std 7 for shredding the data. This assures the users that the shredded dat is irrecoverable.

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Digital Document Shredder 2011: Digital Document Shredder removes selected files permanently.

Digital Document Shredder 2011

shredding needs. Easy to install and use. Support and free upgrades included in your subscription. Main features: - Select a file to be shredded by using a simple right click or browse for a file or folder. - Previous versions automatically saved and hidden by Windows VISTA and Windows 7 can be detected and removed forever - Choose to shred everything in your recycle bin with an easy click. - Drag and drop files to your "shredding bin" on the desktop

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Easy Shred 1.00: Easy Shred removes your files by overwriting them, permanent file shredding.

Easy Shred 1.00

Easy Shred is probably one of the smallest and most efficient programs available for shredding files on your PC. As most people know "trashing" a file only removes its reference and it is very easy for the file to be recovered. On the other hand Easy Shred uses a negative algorithm to overwrite your files and folders multiple times. The end result is a file that is extremely difficult / costly to have recovered.

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REMO Shredder

shredding standard and REMO shredder will erase the data beyond recovery. Benefits: Powerful shredding algorithm to eliminate files, folders, deleted data and entire disk. Unused space shredder to remove deleted data Schedule shredding tasks with an inbuilt scheduler to shred files at a specified time or at the startup in Windows. Password protect the application for access control Several military and government approved shredding patterns to shred

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Smart Shredder 1.0: Smart Shredder is a computer file / folder shredding program by encryption.

Smart Shredder 1.0

Smart Shredder is the ultimate solution to making data unrecoverable from files and folders in your hard disks. Now what is the difference between “deleting” and “shredding”?? They are not the same. Many of you may have never known this difference! By deleting a file or folder you are just removing it from your Windows Explorer. But by “shredding” a file/ folder it gets encrypted and can never be recovered. This is an irreversible process. So be

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